Best Benefits of Drawing and Coloring Books for Kids. What Skills Can Improve the Child?

Starting from the early age, children grab for paints or colored pencils and try to make their first drawings. That proves that children adore making pictures. Many parents buy their children coloring books, pencils or paints. Yet only a few parents get curious about the content under the book’s bright cover.

Is it useful for your child to have coloring books or not?

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of drawing and coloring.

Improve Skills

  • Concentration Skill
  • Cognitive Skill

When coloring a well-known or not entirely comprehensible object, your child enhances his or her knowledge of shape and color, and upgrades observation skills. At the beginning, the sun may be of green color, and the crocodile may be painted orange. This is perfectly normal if your child makes mistakes and confuses colors. In the future, kid’s skills are to improve, and it will be easier for him or her to identify shapes and colors.

In the process, you can tell your child about the characteristic features and purpose of the object that the child is coloring. It will expand your child’s worldview. But before that, you are to choose the object that your kid knows perfectly well, such as a ball, a rattle, a pear or an apple.

Developing Skills

  • Logical Thinking Skill
  • Motor Skill
  • Writing Skill

Coloring books help develop both logical thinking and fine motor skills, and make wrists more flexible. And this is directly related to the child’s development, and also contributes to the successful improvement of writing skills. The first drawings in the coloring book should be simple, with not too many small details. This will make coloring easier, and the child will make fewer mistakes and feel more self-confident during the process.


To make the coloring book easier to use, we have developed the drawing for kids app with LILY MILY assistant involved. You will be able to choose the drawings for your child to colour. Opting for the right pictures will expand your child’s horizons, and improve many useful skills. There are incentives for smart kids in the app – shiny stickers that your child will be happy to be awarded when coloring. These rewards are to make your kid follow the instructions and color pictures correctly.

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