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Cookie Policy of Lily Mily

Last modified: July 16, 2022

Contact information of the data controller:

Founder: Anna Holovko

Address: Harwood Street, British Columbia, Canada



The Website and Apps use cookies. A cookie is defined as a small piece of text, data, and information such as a user identifier, username, etc. For children, the system login function is not available, so confidential data is not collected. However, we track the pages that a user visits and enjoys so that we can optimize user interaction and offer types of pages and sections that they like or may like. Confidential data is not compiled, and user privacy is not violated.

There are several types of cookies, namely: (i) persistent cookies, which remain valid until you delete them yourself, (ii) cookies that remain valid until their expiration date, and (iii) session cookies, which are stored in the web browser and remain valid until the browser is closed. Cookies can also be (i) first-party cookies (set by the original website) and (ii) third-party cookies (placed by third-party websites).

By agreeing to accept our optional cookies through the cookie consent banner, you grant permission to us and the third parties we cooperate with to place, store, and access some or all cookies on your device. Below are the types of cookies described.

  • Basic technical cookies that are strictly necessary for ensuring the proper and high-quality functioning of Lily Mily and providing essential services;
  • Preference cookies that allow us to store your preferences for future reference and development;
  • Marketing cookies, which enable us to create, implement, and analyze our marketing campaigns. These cookie files help us target the right audience, analyze the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns, and provide you with personalized advertisements;
  • Statistical cookie files that allow us to generate necessary statistical reports on how you use Lily Mily.

We use cookies for the following common purposes:

  1. Identifying the Lily Mily areas you have visited.
  2. Personalizing the content you see on Lily Mily.
  3. Analyzing your usage of Lily Mily.
  4. Remarketing our products or services to you.
  5. Remembering your preferences, settings, and login data.
  6. Targeted advertising and displaying ads that match your interests.
  7. Allowing you to leave comments.
  8. Enabling you to share content on social media.

Consent to the use of cookies:

When you use Lily Mily, we may ask for your consent to use cookies through a pop-up cookie consent banner (e.g., if you are in the EU). If you do not provide consent for the use of optional cookies, we will not provide you with our optional cookies. Please note that you can only give consent to the use of cookies if you have reached the age of valid consent. If you are younger than this age, you are not allowed to give consent without parental approval.

Disabling cookies:

When we request consent for the use of optional cookies, you can choose not to provide such consent. In most web browsers, you can disable cookies at any time if needed. You can refer to the documentation of your web browser to learn how to do this. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access Lily Mily’s features properly or at all.

Pixels (Web Beacons):

To collect general information about your usage of Lily Mily, we may also use a technology called web beacons (pixels).

Pixels (also known as web beacons) are code embedded on a website, video, email, or advertisement that sends information about your usage to a server. There are different types of pixels, including image pixels (small graphic images) and JavaScript pixels (containing JavaScript code).

This technology allows us to track the usage of special promotional campaigns or informational banners. Through web beacons, we receive information that allows us to statistically track the number of people who opened our emails. Web beacons also help us understand your behavior.

Pixels are used in combination with cookies to track browser activity on a specific device. We use pixels from third-party sources for tracking and statistical purposes.

Please note that the provided text is an automated translation, and it’s always advisable to review the original text for accuracy and clarity.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We will post the changes on the Website and in the Applications so that you are always aware of what personal data we collect, use, and disclose. If we have your email address, we will send you a notification of the changes we make.

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